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Your Weight Loss Does Not Mean Fat Loss

When it comes to the time you want to feel better, change your physique and fit into your smaller size clothes, the first thing that comes to mind is: “I need to lose weight”.

You jump on the scale and you start cringing at the numbers.

Women are very prone to this idea and focus more on what the scale shows than how their overall energy and health are.

That's really no wonder.

You are constantly bombarded in the media when you see a celebrity saying she lost 15lbs in a week by drinking or eating a certain fruit or by advertisements promising you that you can lose "X amount" of kilos in no time.

That leads to many of you to jump on the bandwagon and try multitude diets and quick fixes to lose the weight. Maybe going on a cabbage soup diet for a month, starving yourself and be obsessed with calories counting in order to see that number on the scale going down.

It does not mean that your weight loss is fat loss!​

But What Are You ACTUALLY doing?

You are killing your metabolism!

When you embark into the idea of “losing weight” and want to shift it quickly by using extreme diets, you are actually losing muscle and water. Yes, you are losing weight but Not necessarily body fat.

weight Loss vs Fat Loss

The numbers on the scale that you are so obsessed with, can fluctuate daily. From the time you wake up in the morning to that same evening.

Try it out:

Weigh yourself first thing in the morning – you will see that you are lighter than the day before.

Then weigh yourself in the afternoon – your number is going up..

Finally, weight yourself in the evening – what does your scale say?

The scale alone is not a reliable indicator and can mislead you. When you see a number that you do not want to see, what happens in your mind?

You get depressed, you lose motivation and you jump onto the next big fad.

Unreliable scale

And the vicious circle continues...​

Let’s not forget when it comes to that time of the month, where you can easily gain 2 to 5lbs due to water retention.

The reasons behind those numbers on the scale changing constantly depend on your day: what you ate, if your stomach is full or empty; what you drank, if you are hydrated or dehydrated; are your bowel and bladder full or empty?

Body weight takes into account EVERYTHING that your body is made up: bones mass, organs, muscle mass, water, fat, food you ate, and anything that is still laying in your gut.

By starving yourself or going from one quick fix diet to another, you are not only slowing down your metabolism but you are losing muscle mass as well.

They are the two components that keep you healthy, help you to burn fat and look awesome.

Ever wonder why you gain weight back when you stop dieting? Well that’s your answer.

So What is the Difference between losing weight and losing fat then?

Two identical persons can weigh exactly the same but body fat is different.

You can look skinny and slim but still have a high percentage of body fat. In contrary to another person who looks bigger and broader with a low body fat.

Why? When you just want to lose weight, you might lose a bit of fat but you are also losing muscle, water and your bones get weaker at the same time. That’s why you can feel sluggish, less energy and constantly tired.

A female body is made up of about 50% water weight so that is already a good half of your weight. If you are dehydrated, automatically your weight drops.​

Your bones makes up approximately 15% of your body weight. With age and multiple dieting, they get weaker and can break easily​. Strong bones are good sign of your health, less risk of osteoporosis and help you to be more functional and perform any of your daily activities.

The scale will not tell you that. It just gives you a number that will motivate you or break you.

Losing weight does not mean losing fat!

We all hear “muscle weighs more than fat” – it’s not entirely true.

One pound of muscle is still the same weight as one pound of fat. The difference is that muscle is denser and looks smaller than your pound of fat. That’s why you look smaller, slimmer and toner...and fit better into your clothes.

Let’s say your start weight was 70kg and your dress size was a 16UK size.

After following some proper nutrition and training program, you weigh yourself a few weeks later and your weight is still at 70kg, or to your horror went up to 72kg.. BUT you now fit into a 12 dress size.

weight loss is not fat loss

Are you still saying: “Damned, I am still fat! The scale went up!”??

If that is the case, you need to take that damned idea and mentality out of your head that the scale is everything you need to look at.


... And you have built muscles to burn those unwanted body fat.

Look in the mirror, at your before and after pictures.

Try on your clothes. Do they fit better? Are they getting looser?

Did your measurements go down?

Are you feeling better and more energetic?

In order to lose fat, you need to build as much as possible muscle tissues so that they can work their magic even when you sleep. And they increase your metabolism too.

CalisthenFit's core programs are primarily bodyweight exercises ​that you can perform anywhere without the need of external weight. You can build muscles by changing how the exercises can be performed, so that you can burn the maximum fat and get leaner.

You need to think of losing fat instead of losing weight.

So Forget that scale!​

Strength training is essential as part of a proper nutrition. Especially for women over 30 as your muscle mass is declining every year hence it is easy to gain weight – aka body fat. When you reach your menopause time, the decline is even steeper, so it’s important to maintain as much muscle mass as you age and keep a strong bone density with training.

Unfortunately for you, cardio or just walking are NOT strength training. They are good for keeping you active, charge you with oxygen and moving but will not build muscle.

Remember: Fat loss is a by-product of strength training. Nutrition alone is not enough.

Make sure to incorporate into your daily life at least 3 times a week.

And if you don’t know how to... You can apply below for my program to help you out.

~~ Jeanne​

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