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What People Say About Their Experience

I have trained with Jeanne for the past four weeks and i can honestly say it was a brilliant experience. I have learnt so much which i will carry through to my every day life both physically, nutritionally and mentally. The change in my body over this short period of time has been really noticeable. I have gained so much energy and there is a spring in my step! Jeanne works every part of the body using her skill and know how. Her insight into food and its effects are exceptional. I know that this wont be the last time our paths will cross. I cant wait to sign up again! Thanks so much Jeanne for everything. Sarah 🙂


Always enjoyable and something different each class. Jeanne concentrates on making sure that all exercises are performed correctly every time. Saw great benefits after just four weeks


Before starting my challenge with Jeanne at CalisthenFit, I had never engaged with a fitness class of any description. The previous four weeks of my 28 day challenge have been revolutionary for me in terms of my approach and knowledge of food, and my understanding of what it means to be fit and healthy. I have learned so much about what foods to eat and when. Consequently, I am a lot more mindful of my food intake than I ever was previously; eating specific foods to sustain my body rather than mindless eating of unhealthy food stuffs. I understand now that a healthy body is one in which all areas of the body receive attention and training.
One of Jeanne's many strengths, is that she will identify both your strengths and your weaknesses specific to areas of your body and she will work with you, verbally and through physical exercises, to improve and strengthen your overall physique. At all times, providing guidance and positive support to help you engage with the exercises in the correct manner. She has so many methods and exercises at her disposal, each class was filled with new techniques and challenges to master.
If you wish to improve your entire body's health and physique, witness real body changing results and feel good about yourself in the process, then this form of exercise is definitely for you. Jeanne is an excellent task master, supportive, balanced and tough.


Jeanne is " super good".She knows a lot about sports and the science behind it. My experience training with her has exceeded my expectations. It's tough sometimes, I won't say it isn't 🙂 but certainly, it's more rewarding than training in overcrowded gyms.
Practising sports have a lot of benefits, whatever your goal is, Jeanne will know how to point you in the right direction


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