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Success Stories – Male Clients

Declan, Project Manager

I began training with Jeanne (May 2018) and have had a great experience since then. Jeanne is a great coach who will concentrate on ensuring that you are getting the basics right and training in the right way. Jeanne has helped me get rid of bad training habits so that I am training in the right way while also emphasising the importance of aware of nutrition in getting fit.
Sessions can be tough (and be prepared to work) but they are always enjoyable and worth it. If you are looking for a positive, encouraging environment to get fit in then I couldn’t recommend Jeanne enough!

Patrick, Software Developer

Always enjoyable and something different each class. Jeanne concentrates on making sure that all exercises are performed correctly every time. Saw great benefits after just four weeks.

Jeremy, Program Manager

Done personal training and worked with Jeanne to improve my fitness level and build up my strength. Her program is tailored to my needs and all sessions been enjoyable and fun. Great trainer with a vast amount of knowledge. Highly recommended!

Don Crowley, ​Retired

I first went to Jeanne some months ago. I found her classes excellent!
Jeanne's grasp of her subject allows her to impart her knowledge in an easy to understand way. This allowed me to build my skills and improve my technique of the various exercises. This is no small thing. My body awareness improved and I was better able to make use of the knowledge gained in my everyday life. For certain my posture and general feeling of well-being has improved. tremendously..