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Success Stories – Female Clients

...that you're reading below come from people who invested in their life change and worked hard toward it.

Changing your body and transform your lifestyle is not a quick fix or 4, 6, 8 weeks. It is a matter of time it will take and how much effort and commitment you are willing to invest to make the Change.

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and depending on your nutrition and workout intensity

Before starting my challenge with Jeanne at CalisthenFit, I had never engaged with a fitness class of any description. The previous four weeks of my 28 day challenge have been revolutionary for me in terms of my approach and knowledge of food, and my understanding of what it means to be fit and healthy. I have learned so much about what foods to eat and when. Consequently, I am a lot more mindful of my food intake than I ever was previously; eating specific foods to sustain my body rather than mindless eating of unhealthy food stuffs. I understand now that a healthy body is one in which all areas of the body receive attention and training.
One of Jeanne's many strengths, is that she will identify both your strengths and your weaknesses specific to areas of your body and she will work with you, verbally and through physical exercises, to improve and strengthen your overall physique. At all times, providing guidance and positive support to help you engage with the exercises in the correct manner. She has so many methods and exercises at her disposal, each class was filled with new techniques and challenges to master.
If you wish to improve your entire body's health and physique, witness real body changing results and feel good about yourself in the process, then this form of exercise is definitely for you. Jeanne is an excellent task master, supportive, balanced and tough.

Lynne, Researcher
Fatima, Team Leader

Jeanne is an excellent trainer! I joined the 6 Weeks Burn The Fat Challenge in January 2017 and I'm really happy with the results.

Jeanne not only teaches you how to workout and exercise, but she also looks into the nutritional aspect and helps you have a healthier diet. It's a perfect balance of mind, body and soul as Jeanne will always encourage you to stay positive and keep focus on your goals.

I enjoyed training in a small group as there is a personal approach and you get immediate feedback on your performance.

I would highly recommend CalisthenFit!

Ilona, Carer

I joined CalisthenFit 6 months ago (May 2015) and to be honest, I was very unsure about joining. After a short chat with Jeanne, I signed up and have not looked back since. My confidence was at an all time very low as I was overweight, unhealthy and very unhappy. I was full with stress and didn't expect too much change. Jeanne recommended how to eat better and how to exercise. I then started to notice changes in myself. It is very much like personal training session with just few girls at any one time. Very much like having a personal trainer on one to one! I began to become friends with the girls in my group and we always greeted each other with a big hug. The training was great fun and I found myself looking forward to every session. It wasn't easy to begin with as I was unhealthy and very unfit. Stiff like a poker! 🙂

It is amazing to learn how food is so very important to your health. Jeanne taught us what was good to eat and why.

Today, I go shopping for clothes and feel much more confident about myself. I feel healthy and I have fixed some problems as a result of the weight loss and healthy eating. My stress levels are low. This is all down to Jeanne. She has helped me rebuild my confidence and I am very happy I have met her. I would recommend to anyone to join her program and I know that no matter how low or how unfit you might feel, after a short time with her help, you will also see light at the end of the tunnel.

I can't wait to go back training with Jeanne 🙂

Before I joined CalisthenFit, problems I've had, was trying to eat healthy all the time and exercise rather than now and again. Now that I know how to, I have no problem continuing it every day. My fears were that I'd never loose weight and keep it off.
It affected my life a lot because of the clothes I wanted to wear or how my body looked in the mirror every morning. I didn't like what I saw. I’ve seen Jeanne’s advertisement on Facebook so I clicked in, came to see her and joined straight away.
After the first month my inches were dropping I knew then that her classes and teaching was working. I achieved 3 of my goals with Jeanne, and the last one was to fit into a size 12 pair of trousers or skirt. I never thought I'd ever fit into a size 14 top because my chest is so big, but I have to my surprise and I’m still shrinking them (boobs haha). I feel so so happy with my results. Working with Jeanne was a bit hard at times but it can't be easy can it? I understood her very much and I could ask her anything about anything.
I would highly recommend Jeanne because she put her heart and soul into helping her clients and she is so committed to them too. I get on very well with her as she is such a caring person and very professional.

Nicola, Creche Manager
Alyson, Hair Dresser

I began my journey as a 45 year old mom with Jeanne in May 2015. I had gained a lot of weight gradually since reaching my 40th; I was feeling tired, bloated, unfit, overweight and generally unhappy with my lifestyle. My biggest worry was that if I continued the way I was living, I would end up with a chronic illness like other members of my family.
I knew I needed to change my habits, I had tried so many fad diets none worked and I was ready to get some real help. Then I found Jeanne, immediately I knew that I was with the right person, within a short time with Jeanne's guidance I regained control of my eating habits. For the first time I was learning how to heal my body and gain strength through nutrition and exercise. Before, I would have given up so easily but she’s here to help and motivate. The results were amazing, I lost weight and 20.87 inches, my clothes started to fit again, and no more bloating or tiredness!! I feel great and so much more confident and will always be grateful to Jeanne for helping me on my journey to a happy healthy future.
I would highly recommend Jeanne and her training program to everybody out there.

Christina, Former Vet Nurse

I was overweight after retiring early from my career due to a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I really didn't think that I would be able or even suited to an exercise programme as my joints dislocate daily. The sudden loss of my career made me depressed, all I wanted to do was sit at home, watch TV, nap. I found it harder and harder to get up and get moving. As I only had one month with Jeanne (due to moving away from Dublin), I haven't achieved many physical results, but yes all my clothes are getting a little baggier. I have stopped smoking, have an open attitude to food and a healthier lifestyle. My skin is not as grey and I have a little spark back that went missing for a while. It took me up until the 3rd week for me to go in and say " yes today, I'm feeling great" ! I'm not going to say it was easy by any stretch of the imagination!
Jeanne is there to help you and push you, even when you think you can't do one more lunge or squat - you can! Jeanne instills a confidence. The very 1st day I walked into her studio I couldn't do 1 squat, never mind even squat correctly, I also collapsed after doing a few lunges!!
I was ready to walk out and say "sorry for wasting your time" but I had a chat with Jeanne and she asked me to come to her 3 times a week, I was shocked! Because of my feelings of self loathing and worthlessness I didn't think she would ever want to see me again! But I turned up again and we trained 3 times a week for a month. Now I can squat, lunge and plank, and I have confidence. I realise I'm never going to be a super athlete, but it is all baby steps and I truly believe after only one month with Jeanne I will have achieved my goal weight within 9 months to a year!

 If anyone was every feeling the way I did , I'd go! Jeanne is great, she has all the qualities you need in a personal trainer! She eggs you on, gets you to keep going even if you think you can't! Most importantly for me , she listens! It's an hour where you get to release endorphins, work hard , feel sore afterwards, but feel on top of the world.

After four years of pure laziness, I have found myself very unfit, unable to run for more than 5 minutes, few pounds heavier and not happy with myself. So I joined Calisthenfit, as I knew I need someone to guide me and teach me how and what to do. I did the 6 weeks program and I have to say, my life has changed for the better. I gained strength, I lost the pounds, I'm much happier with myself and my food habits changed too. I would highly recommend this program. Beside the training, you get very good advices regarding your diet and life style. Working with Jeanne was fun! She is very professional, keeps you very well informed and is the kind of person that makes you wanna come back!!

Bianca, Store Manager
Sinead, Manager

Before joining the Free 6 weeks program in July 2014, my biggest fear was not knowing what to expect and if I would I be able for the program.

I really enjoyed working with Jeanne, she was friendly, encouraging and supportive. She really helped me during the 6 weeks trial, helped me reach my potential and I’m really looking forward to working with her again.

I feel Much better and Iam certain that continuing on this road that I will reach my goal weight, size and increase my fitness level.

I feel great after the 6 weeks program, I am happy with my results and motivated to continue to so I can reach my goals. I will definitely recommend CalisthenFit to everybody.

Jeanne is a great Personal Trainer, very committed and dedicated. I trained with Jeanne for 3 months, and in that time, and since, I have benefited from a marked improvement in my general sense of well-being. My fitness level is significantly better and my approach to food has changed completely. In the process I lost 9kgs (20lbs) and 66.6cm (26inches) all over and have dropped 2 dress sizes from a 16 to a 12.

The changes in my whole approach to food have made maintaining my weight loss since very easy, and exercise is now an integral part of my week. I am able to, and enjoy, doing more activities with my kids and have appreciated the positive comments from family and friends. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Jeanne, she has helped and encouraged me to make some very positive changes in my lifestyle.

Tracy, Civil Engineer