Is Smashing You In the Gym Necessary?

Is Smashing You In The Gym Necessary?

Exercising is fun and does wonders for your mind, body and health. Not to mention for your waistline and areas of the body that you don't like:  buttocks, thighs, hips or even those bingo wings.

For those of you ladies who are looking to lose weight and 'tone up', you look at all those magazines, TV commercials, newspapers and say to yourself that you would like to look like Jessica Alba or Jen Aniston.

You think that training HARD and getting buckets of sweat, feeling that pain in your whole body is great.

You go home and say to yourself: 'oh I did a great workout! I feel that pain so it's good for me..'​ 

Unfortunately the fitness industry has been promoting for years and years that idea of "sweat, puke or faint" is good for you and how it has been 'lobotomizing' your mentality about exercising with pain to get the best results of your life.

.... and you even see trainers promoting 'go hard or go home'

But is it really that necessary?

Do you really need to feel that pain and sweat ​to get to the dream body of you're looking for?

This is the Real problem here. Especially for women (and I would also say for men) who are overweight, obese and lacking that confidence to join a gym or starting an exercise program.

Why? Because all they see in exercising is getting 'smashed' until they drop dead like a fly. In the back of their mind, this is like Mission Impossible.

They get scared and just fly away. Calling the emergency exit door as fast as they came in.

Smashing people in a gym is not the best way to get proper results. Especially when the exercise forms are done improperly which will do more harm than benefit that person. Having a muscle torn, or a dislocation is definitely not what you want ending up with.

​Needless to say, you do not join a program or a gym like if you are going to sunbath in the beach. You still need to be there and ready to workout to the maximum of your ability and progress constantly. Learn the basics, practice consistently and push yourself to get better.

But if you expect to go to every training session and want to get hammered until your arms fall off, it is not the purpose of proper training. And definitely not how I train people. There is much more going on than just smashing every single person on the gym floor.

If you also think that being in that treadmill at​ 2mph for 2 hours in the gym will get you results, it is also not a solution. Not only you get bored to death and you don't build any muscle to get rid off those extra kilos.

Strength training is the focus of what you need first to start shaping up your body.. then finish off your session with a "smashing" workout at the end - that is called ​a metabolic finisher to keep that fat burning going on after your training.

You don't need to go to the gym or training session every time and ​just get 'smashed'!

~~ Jeanne​

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