Women Semi-Private Training Dublin

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Women Semi-Private Training

Who Is It For​?

From complete beginner to more advanced women, semi-private training is beneficial to every woman joining to achieve their goals together, meet other people and make friends, as well as sharing knowledge, struggles and success.

This Women Semi-Private Training allows you to train in a small group with women only. You get the attention and personalisation that you need. 

CalisthenFit Women semi-private training is limited to a maximum of 4 people per class, so that the quality of your training is kept of high standards, and personalized to your needs.

Proper exercise and correction of body imbalance is emphasized, so that you do not get injured. It also helps you to move better without going into pain, as well as building lean muscles and lose body fat and weight.

What Is Involved?

Every member joins CalisthenFit to change their lifestyle, to increase their fitness level, build confidence and self-esteem back. It's important to work together, motivate and encourage each other.

To get a good base and start to change your body shape and lifestyle, it's important to focus in your own health first and be mindful of your own body and mind.

You will need to go for a full blood tests panel and provide a bi-weekly detailed food/sleep/stress log. This gives me an indicator of your health and hormones level so that I can recommend you the best nutrition and supplements to take.

You'll learn proper nutrition and how to eat without starving yourself so that you can boost your metabolism and lose weight efficiently.

You will also learn some basics of WHY having a healthy gut and balanced hormones are important for your body to shed body fat and drop weight in a healthy manner.

You do not need to be Already fit or strong to start. Only commitment and consistency to get to your desire goal.

Progress At Each Session Is More Important Than Perfection!

​Show up at every session and do all your best with an open mind is all CalisthenFit needs from you.

The mindset of sweat a lot, 'no pain no gain', 'go hard or go home' are definitely NOT the ethos or way CalithenFit works with clients.

Joining And Coaching

Membership is for a minimum of 12 weeks ranging from €34 per week depending on your training package.

As every person has different goal and priorities, it's important to book a Free consultation with CalisthenFit.

It's an important step to find out what your motivation and what is stopping you to reach your goals, as well as if we are a good match to work together. As your trainer, I need to understand and know where your current level is, what we can achieve together and what will work best for you to get to your goals.

You can book your Free Transformation Session by applying below.

If you prefer to have a 1-on-1 personal training instead, please contact me here: Personal Training

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