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The first step to working with me or finding out more on how to work with CalisthenFit coaching and community is to complete the application form below. I pride myself on the results and help I have built with all the women I worked with, because of this I realise that what I do isn’t for everyone.

I only work with those ready to take huge action in their life to change. Those who are dedicated and committed to change their lifestyle and lose weight in a healthy and safe way.

CalisthenFit Program is a combination of personalized nutrition, training and functional health.

You will need to be prepared and committed to a minimum of 12 weeks and learn what you need to do about your body and mind.

I don't offer drastic and rapid weight loss as you're going to regain them back in no time. 

The application form is a way for me to find out a bit more about you so that I can help you better.

I will contact you within 48-72 working hours to book you in for an initial session to discuss your goals in depth.

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