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The Power Breathing

Your Life Starts From Breathing

Yeah I know... You might think why on earth you're going to read a post on power breathing. You all know you need to breathe to live. But read on, and you understand why just the act of breathing  has taken different tolls and the importance of doing it correctly.

Many people take it for granted that the simple act of breathing is given to them. It all starts from even before you were born.

​So many times, I meet people coming to train with me and the first thing I noticed is the way they breathe.

Basically, they do not breathe. Or should I say, not correctly.

They are huffing and puffing with very shallow breath, or even hold their breath while exercising.

Shallow Chest Breathing

That's the biggest mistake you can do.​

You need to take that oxygen in to fill your lungs, get blood moving and transporting all the necessary nutrients to your muscles, organs and tissues.​ Let's not forget: Your brain needs oxygen to function correctly.

Without oxygen, there is no life.

Proper breathing​ is essential for your physical performance, your mind and will definitely help your posture.

So why so many of you do not breathe correctly any longer?​

With the stressful life of today, people just lost that simple act of proper belly breathing. Too much worries, too much rush and panics. You just stop breathing or you simply just take very small chesty breathes. That's the reasons, why there are so many dysfunctions physically and emotionally in your body and mind because​ you do not breathe correctly any more.

What Is Proper Power Breathing?

The best example is to look at a baby breathing.

You'll see that when a baby breathes, his belly is expanding like a balloon filled with air, expanding the diaphragm, then only the chest starts to rise. It's called the diaphragmatic breathing.

Nowadays, we breathe far too much through the chest instead of through the diaphragm. This leads to body imbalance and​ postural issues, shoulders get shrugged causing stiffness, neck pain and thoracic being locked down, 

Every day, you take approximately 20 000 breathes. Imagine doing a shoulder shrug 20 thousands times a day! No wonder, your neck gets so tense and you're not relaxed any longer.

Every breath you take can either hurt or heal you​.

2 Different techniques to Power Breathing:

  • Lay onto the floor and put your feet hips width apart at 90 degrees onto a door or wall. Back completely onto the floor, shoulders and neck are relaxed. Put one hand onto your tummy and one onto your chest. Take a deep slow breath into your nose and expand that tummy. Breathe out slowly through the nose, and shrink that belly onto the floor. By doing so, you're not only contracting your internal organs but also massaging them. Practice daily for 4-5 minutes every day. (See the video below for the position.)
Power Breathing
  • This one is pretty much to build great strength and power when exercising and very helpful when swinging or snatching kettlebells, deadlifting etc. This technique has been brought to the West by a Russian strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline, and is widely used with great success in the Strength and Conditioning world. Go into your low plank, take a deep breath into your nose and breath slowly out from your mouth by doing a kind of "hissing" sound. You're breathing that air out of your tummy by contracting every single muscle of your body and squeezing that stomach in. That forces your body to contract and tense as much as possible which automatically increase the intensity of the target muscles. Repeat 3-4 times and see how your abs, glutes, upper body get contracted.

Proper breathing is powerful to everything in your daily life: relax the mind, increase your strength and power output, help your mobility and release tensions on the body.

Like anything​, practice is a Must. If you've been shallow breathing for many years, you need to put the time in to relearn the pattern. You won't go run a 26 miles marathon without practice, will you?

Start your breathing practice today, ​and you'll see the great benefits of power breathing...

~~ Jeanne​

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