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Nutrition Coaching

Although exercise plays an important role in achieving the body you want, you can’t overlook the importance of nutrition when seeking for fat loss, strength gains, body composition changes and overall health.

Nutrition can be complex for some people with the overwhelming and information overload around. CalisthenFit will simplify and keep it as simple as possible to help you get leaner, healthier and boost your metabolism.

If you have been on different diet program or struggle to know what to eat, whether to lose weight or get your health back, our nutrition coaching can help and guide you to get on track.

The body is a complex system and there is NO one-size-fix all diet. A particular way of eating can work for one person and not for the other. This is due to our microbiome (our gut) function.

What you need instead is someone who can guide you on this journey by helping you figure out and understand what types of food and supplements you need and what you should be doing differently in order to reach your goals.

Nutrition programs are not one-size-fits-all. If you’re interested in learning what kind of nutrition plan is right for your body type and metabolism, we can help!

Initial Consultation: €70

Follow up: €45 (per 30 days access)

What's included:

  • Review of what you currently eat and drink
  • Breakdown of your macronutrients and set targets specific to your goals
  • Meal ideas
  • Food tracking (which you need to log on daily basis)
  • Access to CalisthenFit app
  • Support and accountability

If you are interested in learning what nutrition program is right for you, we can help!  Get in touch by filling the form below