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Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Now that is New Year, and like every year it’s madness with making new year’s resolutions.

The most common one is to want to lose weight, get back in shape and be fitter.

So you’re setting up your new year’s resolutions with dieting to smash all those pounds and kilos that you accumulated after feasting on all the Christmas foods.

All over the social medias, newspapers and glossy magazines as well as big box gyms you will see “New year New you”!

New Year's Goals

But seriously..

Why are you waiting for New Year to start something??

You’re still the same person as the one a few hours before the clock ticked midnight.

This mentality for changing every New Year, goes on and on EVERY SINGLE NEW YEAR.

No wonder why the failure rate on new year’s resolutions is close to 90%. Those new resolutions you set for yourself is all over by end of January.

Reasons behind are that you are not ready to change your habits, especially the bad habits and lots of procrastination and stories you’re telling yourself.

Thinking and setting new resolutions is great but if you’re not ready to take actions and sticking with them consistently, you set yourself for waiting next year again.

This time of the year majority of people, and women in particular want to lose weight.

Some will go on joining a slimming club, others will enroll in a big box gym, where they won’t even know what to do, and ended giving up after a month.

And the most desperate ones will just choose the quick and easy way: diet pills, detox juices, magic potions, fad diets and starvation, which will definitely destroy your metabolism.

By setting unrealistic goals and expectations you are calling for an automatic failure.

Then not doing the hard work by pushing yourself, being consistent and keeping the focus, you can say bye bye to your so New Year's resolutions.

Losing weight is not easy. It has never been, despites all the fancy ads and celebrities endorsing those quick magic foods and pills.

If it were, Ireland (and other countries) will not be a waist-growing country with an obesity epidemic and all the metabolic illnesses around.

So what can you do?

Change your mindset. If you keep making up stories to find excuses and keep doing the same thing over and over, then you will always stay where you are. To lose weight and get back in shape, you need to change the way you think and act. Start with self love and appreciation of yourself, as well as mindfulness of your actions are a good start. Then take actions and responsibility for them.And do not blame anybody else for your own failure.

Get out of your comfort zone. January is a cold month. You just want to be comfy and not bulging or facing the freezing weather and darkness. No result or achievement will happen if you choose to stay in your warm blanket. There’s no easy way to lose weight and get the body you want. It’s a road with lots of bumps along the way but with consistency and hard work – mentally and physically – you’ll get there.

Comfort zone

Take one step at a time. Losing weight or getting in shape is not a rat race course. It can take time for your body to shape up and lose those pounds. Change one thing at a time, be realistic and enjoy the journey and celebrate every success you accomplish.

Set one realistic and specific goal and focus on that one, instead of having multiple goals.

Sleep more. There’s nothing worse than a lack of snooze. Feeling tired, cranky and grumpy the following day, moody with others and craving foods (especially sweets and carbs) are all signs of bad sleep. As written in previous posts, good quality sleep is your best friend for weight loss. And that is “THE Magic Advice” you can ever take.

Get more focus on what you want to achieve. Setting goals is nice in theory but not having the focus and determination to do what it takes to achieve them, means nothing.

Get and be accountable. Find someone, like a mentor or a fitness coach – I know someone wonderful - to report to and get you back on track. It’s easy to fall off the wagon and lose your momentum and focus, and be back to square zero.

Be more “Carpe Diem”. Stop dwelling on your past, failure or errors. Everybody makes mistakes - I make a hell lot. You cannot go back. It’s done and past. Learn from them and live more in the moment and the now, have fun and enjoy it.

... And of course, don't forget to get some form of Strength training to build up and maintain your lean muscle, and keep your metabolism functioning at its best.

Any question or enquiry, don't be shy to contact me

To Your Better Health Every Day,


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