Is Your Health Worth This Much

Is Your Health Worth This Much

There is different type of people that I come across when I do my consultations.

I categorize them into 3 bunches:

  • The first one is what I call the ‘cost finder’ whose first question is usually: “How much is it?”
  • The second one is ‘the hidder’ – basically when I call them or email them, there is no response. SILENCE – Dead End. So Why on earth are you filling out an application form if you basically just go into hidden mode like a bear in his hibernation cave.
  • And the last one is what I call the ‘invest-er’ and is typically the kind of people that I work with because they see the benefits of what’s on the table.

Unlike many other gyms, big boxes, medium chains or gym studios, I want to know more about the person who reached out for my help. What goals you want to achieve, why you need them and why the need to get them right now.

I need to find out your fitness and health history, so that, I can establish if you are the right person for my services or not.

Why is that important, you may ask?

Think about how many years of destruction with the wrong food and multiple diets, infliction and discomfort you have been putting into your body to get in that shape of today. How have those events affected your health, wellbeing and image.

​As we say “Rome was not built overnight” and as Epictetus would say "No great thing is created suddenly" so is the same with the state of your body when you suddenly decide to rebuild it. It will take the time to reshape it and lay back all the base so that you get a solid foundation to stay in a strong and beautiful shape physically and emotionally.

There are lots of options out there for you to ‘shop’ around and plenty of easy routes to drive in.

Unfortunately this is a BIG mistake that many people do when it comes to change their lifestyle and health.

I often have calls when that cost question comes up first. Then I know you fall straight into category one, and will unlikely be the right person for my services.

Seriously, if you were sick and need treatments – are you going to shop around and find the cheapest doctor or maybe a woodoo man who will treat you?

Is your health worth this much that you prefer to shop on price than getting the proper help?

The truth is there are people who get p*ssed off when I asked them this, and prefer to neglect their own health than investing into it. And trust me, there is quite a good bunch who answered yes.

What values are you giving to yourself in that case?​

Based on that ground, they would be better off shopping somewhere else, and find the cheaper trainer or facility who likely do not give a damn about what's wrong with you, and why you don't get results.

Being overweight, feeling joints, knee, back pain, not able to walk or breathe, suffering from all those metabolic syndromes is easily preventable. If you arrive at that stage, then you are definitely in bad health.

For some they prefer to invest in an expensive car, beauty products or the latest gadget instead of their own health and body. Once that body stops functioning, trust me that car, beautiful house or gadget is worthless.

Hence the importance of my phone or face to face consultation so that I can learn about you and where you are right now in order to provide the best service that I can. Your results depend solely on your own commitment, honesty and willingness to invest time wise and cost wise.

For some it can take 6 months for others it can take years. It's not a question of an 4 weeks or 6 weeks transformation. Unless you are already pain and illness free.​

Random training here and there with half arsed attempt at nutrition advices and training will not make the cut for you. Before you consider solely on training and sweating, you need to find out what you really want to achieve and commit to it. Put values into yourself and enough consideration into your own health instead of looking for the last pills or detox juicing!

If that sounds too harsh, well... I work in total honesty and won't bullshit people just for making them hear what they want to hear.

That's my policy and ethos!​

~~ Jeanne​

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Jeanne Le Bailly

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