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The Importance Of Strong Glutes

Want to lose weight and burn fat? Wondering how to get strong glutes?Well, start moving and re-activate your buttocks. If that sounds too harsh, then you need to question yourself why you’re in pain and not able to go through your day.If you want to know why it’s important to have strong glutes – Congratulations, keep […]

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Is Your Health Worth This Much

There is different type of people that I come across when I do my consultations. I categorize them into 3 bunches: The first one is what I call the ‘cost finder’ whose first question is usually: “How much is it?” The second one is ‘the hidder’ – basically when I call them or email them, there […]

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Is Smashing You In The Gym Necessary?

Exercising is fun and does wonders for your mind, body and health. Not to mention for your waistline and areas of the body that you don’t like:  buttocks, thighs, hips or even those bingo wings.For those of you ladies who are looking to lose weight and ‘tone up’, you look at all those magazines, TV […]

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