Fat Loss Seminar Phil Richard S&C

FAT-bulous 3 days Seminar with S&C and Nutrition coach Phil Richards

I was so looking forward to attend Phil Richards seminar on fat loss in July but on the last minute, it has been postponed to September cause Phil got adult chicken pox…
If you don’t know who Phil Richards is – he is a World well known S&C and great nutrition coach who has worked with top end athletes  – professional boxers like Amir Khan, Strongman like Eddie Hall, Olympic medallists, International rugby and soccer players etc… He was also the first European S&C to intern and work at Westside Barbell (Columbus, Ohio) and has worked with high end medical team like Dr Eric Serrano.
Anyhoo, my excitement was not disappointed at all. I did not expect to be blown away by all the information, research and knowledge that Phil has provided to me and all the attendees. There is much more behind fat loss than smashing overweight people in the gym, making them sweat or giving them food recommendations. They play a tiny role in achieving their fat loss goals.

Phil Richards

Phil’s first focus was to get healthy then the rest will follow. He digged into how our brain functions, how it affects our internal organs, nervous system, thyroid and cells. He explained everything up to the cellular level and how our body responds to every single thought we have. Not only we looked at blood and cells work but Phil also emphasized on emotions, love, feelings, stress that you and/or your clients have in their life. They play an important role in how your clients can achieve their fat loss. Everything start first in your head – your brain is your central system to how your body responds, sheds or gains the fat. As he said: “Don’t blame your weight, blame how you program them!”

Phil also demystified all the lies behind cholesterol, the low-fat diet recommendation, the doctors who just prescribed pills to people instead of looking at the root cause and how we became sick and fat. Phil was absolutely generous with his time and detailed knowledge. Every question asked, he answered them with recommendations, and provided lots of real life experiences working with athletes. Some stories were hilarious and provided a great atmosphere.
There were so much to take on and 3 days were too short as I could have listened to the man for days on. He provided me with very useful and insightful tools and knowledge that I can use with my clients and how to optimize their journey back to health.

As a type 1 diabetes myself, I also learned more about what could have triggered it which thinking back, there is high possibly why I was diagnosed at the age of 8 with T1 diabetes. Phil gave me hope and recommendations on how to alkalize my body and how it can help to reverse the disease (although it might not work with every T1 diabetes).
I cannot be more thankful to have had the chance to attend his seminar and learnt so much from Phil, the positivity and openness he gave, sharing his experiences and stories of himself and working with elite athletes and how we, fitpros, can change people life for the better.
I highly recommend to attend his seminar to learn the science of fat loss, why our health has degenerated so much, how cancer and other diseases are spreading so fast in the population and apply what he teaches you.

There is NO secret – Get Healthy First and Foremost.

To Your Better Health & Strength!

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