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How To Lose Bra Bulge

I wrote a while back about the importance of having strong glutes (Read it HERE).

So today, I will focus on the upper body: the back.

More specifically the “latissimus dorsi” or what we call the “lats”.

They are basically the ‘glutes’ for your upper body. Some will say they have developed wings and can fly because their lats are so big.

We all know that men have much more muscles and strength in their upper body than women. However, it does not mean that women cannot be strong and reach the same level or even greater than our counterpart.

Back Muscles

Nowadays, we spend far too much time ‘hunching’ on desk computer work, starring constantly on mobile devices, too much sitting or slouching.

All these lead to a complete body imbalance and terrible posture: head forward, rounded shoulders, spine collapsing, core disengaging, glute inhibition .. . No wonder why so many people suffer from headache, neck pain, inability to move freely (like even lifting your arms overhead).. and don’t forget, you lose a few centimeters too!

For women, especially those who have a tendency to ‘hide’ behind loose and dark clothes trying to cover those ‘bra bulge’, ‘fat back’ or whatever you want to call them.

When you look in the mirror, you don’t really see at what your back look like until the day you decide to wear a dress or a top displaying your back. And to your horror, you just wonder what the hell is that?

bra bulge fat back

How did this happen??

Some people will say it’s because you wear the wrong bra size... Oh really? I’m also wondering if men who have those fat handles under their shoulder blades have a bra size problem!...

Yes wrong bra size can be one of the reasons but on a serious note, there are other causes to that fat you’re holding on your back and causing bra bulge:

  1. Your diet sucks and you lack proper exercise
  2. You are overweight and have gained far too many kilos that just get stored
  3. Your hormones are out of whack! Too little thyroxine due to a sluggish thyroid gland (condition known as hypothyroidism​)
  4. You lost muscle mass, strength and tonicity

Seriously, who does not want to have a toned and defined back? Maybe not necessarily, one like Michael Phelps or Rebecca Addlington. But being strapless, on your swimmsuit or wearing a dress displaying your nude back is something every person loves to do.

So what can you do to get rid of those bra bulge and shed that fat to get rid of your flabby saggy back?

First off, you can’t fat spot reduction.

I don’t care what some other trainers tell you or maybe what you read on a glossy magazine.

It’s NOT possible to choose where you want to lose fat. It’s a myth that has been cleverly marketed to make you believe you can lose fat on an area that you dislike the most!

Think about it: how many sit-ups or crunches have you done to get a flat tummy?

I bet you have tried to squeeze in as many as your body can handle.

Well let me tell you something...

I hear very often from clients who come to me asking to lose their tummy, their bingo-wings, or not happy with their butts and thighs being too fat. They just want to reduce those specific areas !!

When it comes to losing ‘weight’ and reduce body fat, you need first to sort out your diet.

Keep eating the same crap over and over again will not drop fat and inches off your body. Eating far more than what your body needs, is calling for your bra bulge to stay where it is. Eating way too little can also cause your body to keep the fat where it is - metabolism slows down and it just preserves what's there to keep you alive.

Your metabolism is controlled by your thyroid glands located at the base of your neck.

If they aren’t functioning correctly to convert T4 (thyroxine, inactive form) to T3 (triiodothyronine, active form), your metabolism slows down and you can have some hormonal issues including difficulty to drop body fat.

Getting proper nutrition with whole and non-processed industrialised food will definitely help the normal functioning of your thyroid and losing body fat.

Remember that 80% of your body re-composition comes down to your nutrition.

Secondly, you need to train.

Not the steady state cardio on a treadmill or the occasional jog in the park.

I’m talking about strength training 3 to 4 times a week and using compound exercises to hit every part of your body, build up some muscle and lean mass.

There are exercises that hit more the back than others: pull-ups, rows, back extensions, deadlift and kettlebell swings will help to strengthen your back but also to get your tall posture on track.

They target not only your back but work as well on your core, legs and glutes.

And one last thing that I always recommend is to get a full blood panel done especially a comprehensive thyroid check.

You will be quite surprised to see all the deficiencies your body is lacking and this can impact your body to lose body fat.

As Joseph Coyne, a sports nutritionist and performance coach said:

"If you have a body part that's become a preferred fat-storage point (hips and thighs for women), then you're still more likely to lose fat off the rest of your body before you begin to lose it from this body part. It's a survival mechanism and works on the principle of first on, last off”.

So stop wasting your time on thinking and trying to spot-reducing fat on parts of your body that you dislike.

Work the whole lot, change the way you eat and train and fat will start to drop.

To Your Better Health Every Day,


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