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The style of this workshop is "Hardstyle Kettlebell" following the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) method and code of ethics, where full body tension is necessary to lift and swing the bell.It will help you to strengthen your body, burn body fat, build muscles and get you fitter and toner.

cast iron kettlebell

The Beginner Kettlebell will teach complete beginners the proper techniques and the fundamental Hip hinge which is absolutely necessary for the kettlebell Swing. As well as the Turkish Get Up (TGU) to work from the floor and up. The 3rd element is the Goblet Squat, to open up the hips and especially for those who have difficulty to squat.


Beginner Kettlebell Workshop

Sunday 7th July 2019

Time: 10am - 1pm

Coaching Fees: €99

The  workshop will only go ahead if there is a minimum of 4 people. In the event that it does not reach the number, you will get notified by email and a full refund will be issued. So Share to who might be interested in attending and learning!

Found the workshop very useful and enjoyable.  Great class that concentrates on getting technique right. It’s a tough class that will leave you tired but more than worth it. Be sure to bring tape for your hands because it will be needed!


The Intermediate/Advanced Kettlebell will move onto a Single Arm swing, Clean and Press, as well as Pull and Snatch. This will also lead you to the more advanced double-bell workout.

**You must have a good swing technique before taking this one. Preferably to have done the Beginner KB with CalisthenFit or with a qualified RKC, SFG or SMK coach.

Both workshop will be led and coached by Jeanne Le Bailly, Strength & RKC coach.

Places are limited to 6 on each workshop!

Int/Advanced Kettlebell Workshop


Learning new techniques was very useful as I now feel like I can get a lot more out of the kettle bells. Jeanne is very clear in her delivery and I can understand her instructions quite clearly. The intermediate/advanced kettle bell workshop with Jeanne is tough, though really rewarding. I feel like I can now get way more out of the kettle bells. The new techniques I learned in this workshop are a lot more dynamic and I feel safe doing them as Jeanne teaches it very well. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to challenge themselves.