Dragon Door PCC

Dragon Door PCC – Progressive Calisthenic Certification May 2014

What a 3 Days Workshop!!
One word: Woooowwww!
When Dragon Door Publication announced their venue to Ireland last year for PCC, I had no hesitation to take on the challenge.
Not only, it was a great opportunity to meet the Kavadlo brothers – Al and Danny, but also to learn from them and live the full experience of only bodyweight/calisthenics with them. It was unreal!!

From the basic moves like pushup, bar hanging, squat, pullup to the more advanced moves like one hand/one leg pushup, muscle up, front/back lever, human flag and many many more moves, everybody tried, enjoyed and helped each other.

Participants were coming from everywhere to attend that event: Northern Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Holland and Canada. It was a great mixture of people with different level, age, experience. The main thing is we were all there to learn, to share, to support, to encourage and help each other. Because you know what?? At the end of the 3rd day, you have a Century Test to do, if you want to be a Qualified PCC Instrutor – you have to earn your title and T-shirt!
What is the century test, you will ask me? Well – simple: perform Good 100 reps in a particular order, in a full range of motion. Everything need to be done under 8 minutes. Once you start, this is it – No bouncing allowed, no movement of feet allowed for squat, not hand movement and hip up or down allowed for pushup, no letting go of the bar on pullup.
Men test: 40 squats, 30 full pushups, 20 hanging knee raises, 10 pullups.
Women test: 40 squats, 30 kneeling pushups, 20 hanging knee raises, 10 australian pullups.
Looking at the test on paper or on the web, this sounds easy..and I know that some people have said: “yeah..I can do it in my dream! it is easy test!”
Well, it can be easy for some and their ego but after spending 3 full days training non stop with fatigue, soreness, muscle tightness and maybe lack of sleep, it can be quite challenging. Even the strongest guys in the group struggled during the test because the requirements are higher than what you think.

Do not know the Kavadlo bros – Al and Danny? They are 2 strong, humble, generous and open hearted men from NY (Brooklyn to be exact) I have ever met! You can be intimidated by their look – especially Danny for some people, but nothing to fear. Hey! Never judge a book by its cover! They are full of knowledge and experience to share, very helpful in every single way and very supportive and approachable. You have a question? well: “Ask Al!”
I should also mention John Du Cane that I had the pleasure and amazing surprise to meet on arrival – he is the CEO of Dragon Door and without him, PCC will not exist. He has a “je ne sais quoi” that just gives you that positive energy in you.

If you are looking for an amazing experience, you want to learn more about calisthenics or pushing yourself to the limits – Register for the next PCC event close or far from your home. This is a memorable event to go to and meet lots of enthusiastic people.
Don’t be afraid my friend – Be fierce, Be strong and Go for it!
And as my friend Danny Kavadlo says: “Everybody needs training” – Keep training hard and you’ll get wherever you want.
It is a journey, start with the basics and listen to your body!

Al and Danny Kavadlo

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