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Internship With Dr Eric Serrano

My Internship With Dr Eric Serrano

I went on internship with Dr Eric Serrano to learn more about fat loss, hormones, diabetes, training and rehab. Dr Serrano is a leading expert on hormones and fat loss but also a thorough strength and conditioning coach with years of experience with Olympic athletes and nutrition researches. I wanted to learn more directly from him so that I can help and get fantastic results with all my clients.

The internship was very intense, interesting and quite overwhelming at times. Not only due to jetlag initially but there were also lots of unknown areas and medical terms that I did not know or heard about.

The man himself did not hold his words and was brutally honest with me and all his patients. If you want to improve your life, get healthier or better with your condition or be the best with your training, you’d better listen to him and apply what he recommends you. He knows his sh*t, he will fix you and get you Results!

No doubt about all his expertise.

It is really no wonder why so many athletes and coaches like myself, from around the globe reach out to him, as well as researchers and general public who have tried everything under the sun and seen every ‘doctors’ to fix their health issues and failed.

Dr Eric Serrano is NOT your typical GP or MD, neither his practice. He does not wear that official white blouse, neither dressed up like a formal doctor. He goes around with just a t-shirt (usually with a superhero character or something more shocking like a F* off) and hiking/military pants style. When I arrived to his office, he had one of his dogs – a gorgeous German shepherd - lying in the middle of the corridor. I found it so cool that he brings his dog to his practice every day. You will never see an animal hanging around in a hospital or medical practice.

All the walls in his consultation rooms were filled with superhero characters (Hulk, Superman, Spiderman...); not like all the boring sterile blank walls you see so often.

Dr Eric Serrano

I did not notice one of the superhero character he had on a corner until a patient mentioned it: “I love that Spiderman on the corner there...” There was a standing Spiderman on the corner looking at you and was set up with his middle-finger saluting you...

His Clientele

He has a very long waiting list of people wanting to see him. Patients from every age, condition and background coming from far and near to see Dr Serrano. When he consults with his client, he will take the time to check, know and educate his clients about their condition. He rarely writes a prescription and off you go, like so many physicians do. All his consultations are not a 5 or 10 minutes but ranging from 30 minutes to whatever time it will take.

During my internship, I met clients with diabetes T1 and T2, melanoma, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, shoulder /knee/elbow injuries, thyroid issue, cancer, hormones imbalance (low testoterone, high oestrogen),gut issues, menopause, food intolerance etc. As well as men and women who want to lose weight and/or to bulk up.

You might think, yeah... that’s why people go to see a doc’! Yes, But Dr Serrano is not a typical conventional doctor.

With Dr Eric Serrano, it’s a complete total different world. There are no quick fix nor quick pills. You need to understand your issue, what the triggers and do what he advises. As mentioned, he is brutally honest and can be portrayed as a ‘dictator’ but if you’re looking to get better, lose weight, look and feel great, then do what he recommends.

Trust me, he will get you results and get you feel like Superman!

Here’re the 10 Things I’ll share from my internship:

1- If you’re diabetic T1 (like myself) or T2, you need to understand your condition and have the proper tests done. Nobody will do it for you! The standard blood test done at your doctor office or hospital is not enough. Your HbA1c should be between 5.2 and 5.6mmol at the highest. Over that level, you are still at risk of diabetes complications! The standard recommendation of being below 7 is non-sense... And even a 6 is far too high.

2- Alzheimer has been the past few years considered as Type 3 diabetes but nobody mentioned it besides an illness run in your genes. Start to look at your blood sugar level and inflammation markers! Those are what degenerate the vessels in your brain.

3- More than 50% of Irish people suffer from MTHFR – it’s a complicated term and sounds like a curse word, so I won’t go into detail here, but let’s say it’s a gene mutation. The reason behind is due to the lack of sunshine. So get outdoors as much as possible without sunblock and supplement with Vit D. If you’re taking 2 or 3000IU they will do nothing for you. Up them to at least 10 000IU a day especially in winter time. At best, get a blood test done to check your level!

4- High cholesterol is a complete fad, myth and fear that have been put into people’s head. Especially the so-called bad cholesterol - LDL. The higher your cholesterol, the longer you’ll live. There’re lots of studies and researches done about it and all centenarians have high cholesterol. Cholesterol is here to protect your body and joints as well as reduce inflammation and make hormones. One of the important thing you need to watch out is your triglycerides level. The closer to zero, the better it is. It's also an indicator that you are burning body fat. I also asked him about hypercholesterolemia and statins prescription... We all know what statins do to your brain and body. So check your triglycerides and inflammation level. The lower your triglycerides are, the better you are.

5- It is NOT your genes that are responsible for the way you are right now. They play a role but it is YOU, who dictate how your health and your body becomes. The way you eat, what you eat, what you do, how much stress and sleep you put into yourself.. All those affect your hormones and your body composition. So it’s time to stop blaming your genes for your condition or your weight.

6- Want to lose weight? Look at your food first. You will never change if you do not change your nutrition. By eating the same thing over and over again, you’ll creating allergy and food intolerance. This is called Insanity! The body goes into "homeostasis" - a balance and regulation - to keep you alive. So alternate your food and your supplements.

Cat Sleeping

7- SLEEP....As Dr Serrano said: “The Biggest insult you do to fat loss!” is NOT sleeping. No matter what you do, even if your training and nutrition are perfect but if you do not sleep enough, you won’t get any result. Get your 7-9 hours sleep every night! Do what a cat does...

8- Women and Men are different! We all know that. Women are more complicated than men due to the different hormones: progesterone, oestrogen and testosterones. They fluctuate, change and make weight loss difficult unless you know what to look at and how to manipulate them. This brings back to point #4 with cholesterol – men with low cholesterol has lower testosterone which will make bulking up difficult, while women with low cholesterol have a higher level of oestrogens which make fat loss hard but also have a tendency to gain and store weight.

9- Eating fat will not make you fat, just like eating green vegs will not turn you to look like Hulk or a green cabbage! This does not mean you eat any type of fat. Eat the right one that nature gives you and balance them correctly: virgin coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil, avocado, eggs (unless you’re allergic), real butter, animal fat... Your brain is made of over 70% fat and need fat to function correctly.

10- Fat loss and fruits. As Dr Serrano said: “Every single woman who wants to lose weight, eat a freaking banana or loads of fruits for breakfast every day... or go on the juice detox stupid thing!” I fully understand what he meant as I see this happening so often. Fruits are considered good since they contain lots of nutrients but if your goal is to lose bodyfat, you have to cut them from your diet. Fructose, no matter how small is not your friend to get lean.


11- Stop going on a super low-calorie diet if you are trying to lose weight. It's the majority of women who think this way. You’re setting your body to actually gain more fat than losing it. Looking thin does not mean low body fat.

There is far more info that I can write about during my time with Dr Serrano, since we also talked about cycling your food, injury rehab, restoring the gut, fertility and what hormones to look at, enzymes, toxins, vitamins and minerals deficiency, the “4 Rs” etc.

I learnt a hell lot from Dr Serrano and broadened my knowledge to help all my current and future clients.

If you want to know more and ready to change your lifestyle and live longer and healthier, just fill out an application form to book your free consultation or contact me and we’ll start from there...

To Your Better Health & Strength Every Day,


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Jeanne Le Bailly

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Angelina - July 13, 2016 Reply

Hello! I went to college with Dr Serrano but lost touch. I’ve recently been dealing with a Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease and need some help creating a healthy meal plan for myself. Can you tell me how to get in touch with Eric? Thanks so much!

    Jeanne Le Bailly - July 13, 2016 Reply

    He is based in Columbus, OH.
    You can contact his office:
    Address: 417 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147, United States
    Phone: +1 614-833-5520
    Hope this helps

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