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Which Diet Should You Be Doing To Lose Weight

The word diet has been used and overused by many people and companies.

Aiming particularly at individuals who want to lose weight desperately.

There are thousands of diets out there to choose from that promise you the world by dropping weight in no time: cabbage soup diet , water diet, juicing, grapefruit diet, chicken soup diet, low-calorie, low-fat, high protein, low-carb, south beach, Jenny Craig , weight watchers, slimming world and the list goes on...

Diet for weight loss

When you think about dieting, it sounds more like a restriction with food and for some people like starving yourself.

As a trainer and nutrition coach, I do not like people thinking or even use the word diet when they ask me for help with getting in shape and losing weight.

When you think of a diet, you feel constraint and stressed about it when you ate that cookie or chocolate bar and your mind says you should have not. And to make thing worse, you will not write it down on your food log in case your trainer gives out to you for eating it.

Then what will happen?

You say to yourself: “Ok ok... I start all over again the next day! And I won’t screw up...”

The feeling of guilt and worry for not following a 'diet', and that little bug on your mind poking you to stay on track.

That’s really not an ideal world.

Before I cut the meat, you might be wondering which diet you should be doing?

My simple answer is: None!

First of, all diet in the world do not last for long. Even if you stick to it, your body gets adapted and stalled.

What we call “Homeostasis”.

There is no perfect or clean diet as such. Just like the person you are, there is no perfect individual nor world.

Looking for perfection is looking for disaster!

And looking for quick and drastic diet is even worse.

Your weight loss goal goes out of the window in no time. You end up going out of the wagon again and play with a roller coaster.

That’s why you keep going on diet after diet, program after program in the hope that you lose weight. It’s called “desperation”!

Let me explain below why dieting is not good for your mind and for your weight loss journey.

A specific diet will work well for some and for short time. For other people it might do nothing except damaging their metabolism.

Now, think about how many thousands of money you spent and most likely wasted on going from one diet to another.

Your wallet might be thinner than the waist you wanted to get.

When you choose to go on a diet, especially the ones that I call “fad and quick results”, you will definitely lose weight.

Bear in mind that losing weight is NOT the same as losing fat. I wrote about it in a previous post (click here to read it)

Once you stop your drastic diet, the weight will cripple back. Your weight goes straight back up and likely more kilos added on top of your initial weight ‘before’ you embarked on dieting.

It’s a very tactical technique that all those diet companies do:

>> You start dieting, you lose weight. Great!

>> You stop dieting, and you gain weight back, and even more. Oh Sh*t!

So what do you do? Either decide to go onto another diet or go back to the diet you just finished.

So the cycle continues over and over again.

And you keep looping like this until your metabolism, especially your thyroid says: “Do what the hell you want! I just give up with your madness!”

Thyroid goes havoc. Hormones completely out of balance.

Body lean mass drops as well as your strength, energy and fitness level.

The only thing going up is your weight and waistline including your jeans or dress size.

Do you recognise yourself with this cycle?

I bet you do.

What do you have to do then?

STOP dieting and believing in magical pills and quick fix results.

Start to remove processed food, sugar, refined carbohydrates and pop soda (even the diet zero calorie ones!)

Buy, cook and eat real foods that contain ONE ingredient only.

Choose a portion or more of vegetables, a portion of protein, eat some real fat and mix them together to create your dish. At least you are sure, there is no additives or unnecessary toxins of any form in your homemade food.

And make sure to drink plenty of water.

The body needs all the nutrients to thrive, repair, grow and detoxify. You cannot deprive your body with all the building blocks it needs. All those so-called exotic fruit or a fat burner pill do more damage to your body than keeping your weight loss to stay forever.

And if you want to eat a cookie or a chocolate bar, there’s nothing wrong with it (unless you’re diabetic or have some kind of allergy) as long as it’s not the whole pack and eaten every day!

Better Health Every Day,


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