Calisthenics - Dedication And Hard Work

Dedication and Hard work always pay off

Last year I was looking for some inspiration and stumbled across this incredible youtube video. Not only it was very inspirational but it also proves that with hard work, dedication and consistency, you can achieve all your goals.
Women are generally afraid or even scared of all the “difficult”moves when they see our counterpart men doing: pushup, pull up, weight lifting…
Don’t be afraid! No Don’t be!
In this video, Fi proves that you can be as good, or even better, as our male counterpart. Calisthenics workout is a journey that you have to go through to get strong and enjoy every moment of it, like everything in life. She proved it and after a year doing calisthenics/bodyweight training, pushing herself and being consistent, she is one of the strongest woman I know in the calisthenics community.
Work on building up your strength, push yourself, dedicate yourself and be consistent – you can achieve anything!

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