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Animal Flow Workshop London 15/16 February 2014

Animal Flow

When Mike Fitch from Global Bodyweight Training announced his first Animal Flow workshop for UK, I did not hesitate a second to book the London one.
If you do not know what Animal Flow workout is about, let me tell you.. It is 100% bodyweight training and uses the primal movements of animals like Ape, Beast, Crab, Scorpion, Baboon just to name a few. No need of any type of equipment as you only use your own bodyweight and gravity as your resistance. It is a multi-discipline workout and you will recognize gymnastics, hand balancing, break dancing, yoga, plyometrics, martial arts movements..

As with any type of bodyweight training, Animal Flow is intended to increase your mobility, flexibility, endurance, stability, power and neuromuscular development. Anybody who wants to improve their health, movement functionality and mobility, stamina, speed and strength… well, Animal Flow can help you to achieve all this. All the movements involve connection between mind and body, engage all your muscles, activate, lubricate and strengthen your joints… and it is Fun! You are working out by mimicking the movement of animals (and yes you can try to mimic their noise too…but it can be tricky!).

We spent our first day to work on the basic movements like walking forward and backward like a beast and a crab, moving like an ape. This sounded pretty easy and seeing Mike doing the moves, looked easy…but when we were all on the floor trying them, it was much more difficult than we thought. You have to think – and this is where you have to connect mind-body – to move the contralateral limbs at the same time (right hand – left foot for example), and to stay as much closer to the ground as possible. More difficult moves involves twisting, reaching, lifting, arching while holding and controlling the correct position.

Our second day was more focused on the more difficult move that are switches and transitions: side/front kickthrough, jumping, levitating, underswitch, turning to 180degree. Those movements will build up your strength, endurance and coordination..

Mike is a great trainer and flow-er.. His ability to move so flawlessly is amazing. If you have not seen what he is doing and what Animal Flow is, check out this video.

I am very Happy to have attended his workshop, learnt from the creator of Animal Flow himself and will gladly introduce it to all my training sessions soon..So stay tuned!

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