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Movement Animal Flow Dublin

What is Animal Flow?

​Animal Flow Dublin is a movement fitness class combining multiple disciplines such as gymnastics, capoeira, yoga, martial arts, break dancing to name a few. It is a 100% bodyweight training that mimics the movement of animals (ape, crab, beast, scorpion etc.). It uses a multi-planar movement, which means that your body is moving in every direction.

Animal Flow Dublin

Animal Flow is more of a practice than a workout. It is a body weight workout designed to increase your fitness level, mobility, flexibility, stability, power, endurance skills and neuromuscular development. The movements are closed-chain exercises which mean that the limbs connect to the ground or another immovable object in a constant fixed position and resistance is created by pushing against it. Animal Flow makes extensive use of close-chain kinetic movements with much of the workout spent in what we call the "Four Pillar stance" where not just two but all four limbs are planted on the ground.

Animal Flow was featured on TV3 Saturday AM (13th February 2016)​ with Laura Woods and Tommy Martin flowing while having a good craic!

What are the benefits?

All Animal Flow movement are created to make exercise fun, enjoyable and challenging at the same time. It is suitable to anybody of any age, any fitness level who wants to get in shape, tone up, burn fat, strengthen core and back muscles, improve your flexibility and have fun at the same time. You do not need any equipment  - You just use your own body and some floor space to flow around.

What people say about Animal Flow?

Let's get moving, flowing and laughing together .....​

Animal Flow Dublin movement classes are held at CalisthenFit studio, Drumcondra Fairview Dublin 3 and/or other locations in Dublin and is open to men and women of any fitness level from complete beginner to advanced.

All Movement and AF classes are finished for 2017! Check back in 2018 for the next term.. but Keep Moving in the meantime...

Contact me for future classes and workshops.

CalisthenFit also runs  Move with Animal Flow outdoors (weather permitted) on Saturday/Sunday morning for those interested to try it out. All info can be found on Animal Flow In Dublin  or just drop me an email.

For more info, contact: animalflow [at]

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