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5 Tips To Avoid The Festive Seasons Weight Gain

So here we are again!

Another year ending soon and the Christmas holiday’s season kicking in less than a week.

It’s during that period where foods, snacks and drinks are laying around... and everywhere possible: office, family and friends house, supermarkets, Christmas parties. You name it.

Food and drinks indulgence combined with inactivity are at the highest peak when we approach the end of the year. That’s when unwanted gift like weight gain culminates the most and those extra kilos or pound you’re getting are not a present that you asked Santa for.

The reasons behind:

  • It's cold outside and it's getting dark sooner. People prefer to stay comfy at home near the warm chimney or under the blanket
  • Over-consumption of unhealthy and too much sugary foods and drinks

You’re probably one of them.

Then you start thinking of your new year resolutions like every single year.

“Oh well... I start on January 1st “ – but are you Really and Why wait every new year to start?

Shedding those extra weight is more challenging than you can imagine.

Christmas time is when family and friends gather together and celebrate. Usually with lots of mouth watering tasty yummy food that you can’t resist.

Added to them, plenty of drinks usually in the form of alcohol and sugary sodas.. Diet and light alcohol drinks are definitely not in nutrition books.

That’s one of the worst time where you can gain weight very easily and regret to have gone overboard again. Statistically more than half of the weight gain happens during the festive seasons and losing that excess is not as easy as you might think, especially for those who are already overweight or obese.

There’s nothing worse than waking up and feel miserable, bloated because you ate and drank too much.

Yes it’s party time! Of course you – and myself included – do want to have fun, enjoy ourselves and de-stress. We are all human after all and living in restrictions is definitely not an enjoyable way to.

So how are you going about to have a Great time without adding an extra 5kilos or more, and avoiding to go back to all those supersize clothes that you promised yourself not to. 

Here are my 5 Tips:​

Tip #1: Just Say “NO, Thanks”

Peanuts, crisps, drinks, canapés, chocolate, pies will be turning around constantly like on a Chinese table.

They will cross your eyes and pass under your nose with you wanting it or not.

Having a few nibbles here and there will not kill your waist line. But after a few rounds that’s a problem.

Just decline the offer and resist the temptation to put your hands into that plate or bowl of foodies.

Else, without even realizing it, you could have eaten and drank a full meal on its own ranging from 500 to well over 1000 calories.

Keep your portion small with one round and save some space for the big meal.

Tip #2: Choose more Vegs instead of Bread

I always remember what my friend Dr Eric Serrano said during his presentation this year, and it is exactly the problem during the festive seasons:

“What are people do wrong in winter? Eat too much carbs!!.. and they are inactive. They don’t move and that’s why they get fat easily..”

Bread, pies, cakes will be on the table. All of them are pure sugar when you put them into your mouth.

Fill your plate with more vegetables and add extra protein to your meal so that satiety settles. Not only they are full of nutrients but will not let you feel hungry afterwards.

Seriously, will you go for another portion of vegs and meat every 5 minutes??

Eat slowly and mindfully, then Stop when you’re 80% full.

Don’t let yourself feel like a balloon ready to explode, and that you have to finish every single bit that is on your plate.

Tip #3: Move, Move, Move more

The biggest mistake that people do after a large meal is to sit down or slouch on the couch.

And very likely to sip on more drinks, and eat more.. mince pies or chocolate.

Others will feel so full that they will just fall asleep. Not a great idea either!

If you can, keep standing up, help with the cleaning or dance on the spot. Others might join you in your tap dancing.

Yeah... I know, it’s cold and miserable outside and you probably prefer to stay inside.

At best, go out every day for at least 10-15 minutes walk. Fresh air will do you good and will keep your joints lubricated, your blood flowing and will make you feel refreshed.

Just don’t stay still on your derrière for hours on end.

If you don’t fancy the cold, do some exercises at home. Nothing complicated – a few squats, lunges, plank up, run up and down the stairs and crawling with your kids or your pet.

Tip #4: Fast

Yep.. that’s the magic one!

And NO, you are not going to staaarve.. or going into a crazy diet of any kind.

Intermittent fasting gives your body and digestive system time to rest.

Did you know that it takes between 18 to 72 hours for the food you put into your mouth to be fully absorbed, digested and evacuated from the body?

Yes it takes that amount of time since your digestive system is approximately 23 feet long and lots of things going inside by the time you swallow your food.

That's why good quality food (nuts, seeds, vegetables, fibre..), proper hydration and adequate activity can speed the transit up.

So how long should you fast?

A minimum of 12-14hours or longer if you can, every day or second day. 

Trust me, after a large heavy meal, you’ll probably not want to eat another meal or see a turkey or pudding for a while..

Be kind to your body and let it rest to recover, decrease all those glucose (sugar) you put into your blood stream. Remember that the higher your sugar entering your body, the more fat you’ll gain due to the increase of a hormone called insulin.

Tip # 5: More H2O

Alcohol of any form will definitely be at every party you’ll be going. Two or three glasses will already be a meal calorie-wise on their own.

The more alcohol you drink, the more water you should drink.

It does not mean that you have to empty every single bottle of French red wines and Scottish whisky before you hit the gallon of water.

Choose water (still or sparkling) instead of that soda or pint of booze, add some lemon or cinnamon if you want something more tasty and beneficial to your body. Diet and low calorie drinks are NOT water or healthier drink of any kind. They are as damaging as the full ones.

If you follow my tip #4, you should definitely drink more water as well.

Don’t let the festive seasons ruin your body, your health and your moral with uncontrolled excess.

It’s really not worth it waking up having a bad hangover or a belly ballooming because you went completely out of control.

Nobody is forcing you to eat for 10 neither putting a tube into your throat to drink all those alcohol or sugary calories loaded liquid.

You are the ONE that can make the decision on whether you want to eat and drink or not!

Follow those simple 5 tips to avoid gaining weight over the festive seasons and they will be your waistline and wardrobe saver...

And if your resolution for 2016 to shed those extra pounds and change your lifestyle, you can still apply below.

Happy Christmas and A Very Healthier New Year! x

~~ Jeanne​

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