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6 Weeks Kettlebells - Start 20th February 2018

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Dublin Health & Fitness
For Men & Women Over 30

Transform Your Life, Your Body And Mind

Don't just walk into a gym where you are being left on your own

  • You're an individual who needs proper training, coaching and nutrition plan so that you can get the body and strength you're looking for.
  • It's not all about losing weight but more with a shift of your mind and lifestyle in your daily life so that you can move, run, jump with confidence and be happy in your body.
  • To get in the Best shape of your life, you need Structure and Accountability, so that you can keep it long term. We educate and teach you how to eat and train, and more importantly how to make positive changes in your life.


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CalisthenFit is #1 Dublin Private Personal Training Studio 

If you are the type of person who feels:

  • Unhappy, Unfit and Unhealthy for some time
  • Frustrated with your lifestyle and wants to make a change
  • Challenging to shop for clothes you would love to wear
  • A lack of confidence and no energy
  • On the edge to be or suffer from Diabetes type 1 or type 2


  • You find intimidating to join a commercial gym
  • You need a high level of support, structure, motivation and accountability
  • You want to work out in a non-embarrassing and non-competitive atmosphere with other people just like you
  • You want to have fun, destress and enjoy your workout experience

... You're going to love it at CalisthenFit Dublin!

Some Of The Success Stories


I began my journey as a 45 year old mom with Jeanne in May 2015. I had gained a lot of weight gradually since reaching my 40th; I was feeling tired, bloated, unfit, overweight and generally unhappy...

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I was overweight after retiring early from my career due to a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I really didn't think that I would be able or even suited to an exercise programme.



After four years of pure laziness, I have found myself very unfit, unable to run for more than 5 minutes, few pounds heavier and not happy with myself. So I joined Calisthenfit, as I ...

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